van3Thank you for choosing The Noble Beast for your pet’s grooming needs.  I am proud to provide gentle care and personal attention in a humane, clean, and safe environment.


Your pet is pampered in my fully equipped, state-of-the-art van at your home or office.   As a true pet lover and owner, my goal is to make the grooming experience as pleasant as possible.


Regular grooming is essential to your pet’s overall good health.   Bathing and brushing helps to prevent painful mats and removes shedding hair.   Regular nail trimming is important as well.   Nails that are too long can cause your pet pain and may lead to splayed and deformed paws.


In an attempt to help busy pet owners keep their pets looking and feeling great, I offer a pet grooming service that comes right to your doorstep!  This service allows your pets to be pampered without those nervous emotions: stress of car rides, separation anxiety, being in an unfamiliar environment, being caged all day, being uncomfortable around multiple pets or people. Your pet feels great because it’s in a less stressful environment! Both you and your pet will enjoy the convenience of mobile pet grooming!!


Give us a call today to discuss your pet’s grooming needs and to schedule an appointment.